I am a UK based travel and landscape photographer. My passion for travel and photography was ignited in me by my father, who collected National Geographic magazines and would bring back carvings, sand and shells from exotic far away countries when he handled the British Airways advertising account. My artistic vision has been deeply influenced by my own travels in the far east, the romanticism of 19th-century travellers and the remarkable work of Magnum and National Geographic photographers.

After studying Art History at Manchester University, I found my photography heavily influenced by painting. My goal is to evoke an emotional or spiritual response from my audience. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Rothko and Turner, my landscape photography reflects my fascination with the natural and urban world, as well as the people who inhabit these spaces.

As a project-based photographer for over two decades, I often display my work in series or as a collective body. I am fortunate to be represented by contemporary art galleries across Europe, South East Asia, and the USA.

During the 1990s, I resided in Southeast Asia for seven years, during which I produced numerous publications and exhibitions on the indigenous people and countries of the region. Some of my notable projects from this time include "Vietnam A Portrait," "Cambodia: A Portrait," "Back to Mandalay," "Golden Faces," "Hanoi People," and "Hong Kong People."

In January 2012, I embarked on a journey to Jodhpur with the aim of documenting the Blue City. Previously, in 2003, I created the "Pilgrimage" series, which focused on the lives of Varanasi inhabitants during the January Lunar Festival. The series captured remarkable scenes of worshippers in the river Ganges and the city's dwellers.

My exploration of landscape photography began in Morocco in 2004 with the "Dune and Oasis" series. The majestic Atlas Mountains and the vast Sahara desert inspired me, leading to the creation of a collection of silver gelatin prints. By 2006, I shifted my focus to the British landscape, producing the "Coast and Storm" series. These large-scale prints blur the boundaries between photography and painting, presenting the natural world in an abstract manner.

I have also undertaken landscape projects commissioned by Mlinaric Henry & Zervudachi, including capturing the Montenegro mountains and seascapes for a new marina development. Additionally, I photographed the Arlberg mountains for the Aurelio Hotel and Lech Tourism. This journey reignited my passion for mountains, and my main objective became capturing the power, scale, and soul of the landscape on paper.

Most recently, I embarked on a journey across the Alps, from Chamonix to Cortina, photographing mountain landscapes for the book "Beyond the Clouds" published by Te Neues. This project led to a touring exhibition that travelled from Andermatt to Verbier via Lech and Zurich, allowing me to share my vision with a broader audience.