Golden Faces, Burma

    This collection of limited edition prints is a result of the Journey's Tim Hall has made throughout Southeast Asia. (Myanmar, Vietnam, and Hong Kong)

    As arresting as the photographs are to viewers today, it is safe to say that they will affect a future generation with even greater power. Their particular eloquence and their relevance for posterity derives from the fact they stand collectively as nothing less than a pictorial meditation on time. They are also a reminder that while the reams of newsprint being produced about this region with its macro-economic achievements and political challenges, they only tell part of the story.

    Using a stark background and black and white film, Hall follows in the footsteps of the "on the road" work by Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Utilizing his signature technique of a white canvas as the uniform backdrop for his subjects, Hall intensifies the focus on his subjects. The rich culture and strong traditions of Southeast Asia are well documented and his roamings present us with a "history in the making"

    Kings Road Gallery 2004